If you want to change the date, route or for any other change, please contact us via My Trips. Your request will be handled by an agent. However, bear in mind that changing the name on a ticket into a different one is almost never allowed.

Does the plane depart within 24 hours? In that case, we recommend contacting the airline directly (phone or at latest at the airport).

When the main booker has completed the application for a change, he/she will receive a notification about the cost of the change and a payment link for immediate payment. For changes we charge a fee of € 50 per ticket (or the equivalent in your local currency). Until payment is done the ticket remains unchanged but costs can differ. If you are not using the payment link, your ticket will not be changed.

Please note that additional purchased services such as seats, luggage and / or meals should also be changed when you decide to change a ticket.

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