Traveler moviegoes: the nouvelle vague in five stages

28 Aug Traveler moviegoes: the nouvelle vague in five stages

Paris - Travel2beThe Nouvelle Vague appears in the fifties to become an equivalent to the conceptualization of the art in this film case. Films were plagued by evidence that it was to innovate. These works are precursors of the May 68 movement. Here you are the most interesting settings of the French Nouvelle Vague.

5 filming locations of movies of the Nouvelle Vague

1. Sardent de “Le Beau Serge”: We go back to this site in the region of the Lemosín. Sardent is located in the center of France and it has numerous attractions for travelers who are looking for an alternative travel, as to be near the village where scenes of Le Beau Serge were filmed. We find Claude Chabrol in every corner. The bar Chez Bichette is still quaint after more 60 years.

2. Jules&Jim: Truffaut knew how to choose Jeanne Moreau. We go to the cementery of Pére Lachaise. Also Villa Castel and several sites of Belleville that is a hippie commune, a quaint district in the town.

3. The disillusion de Pierrot Le Fou: Jean Luc Godard is a genius. One of his most heartwarming films is Pierrot Le Fou, Ferdinand. The protagonists Jean Paul Belmondo and Anna Karina are two of the icons of the French cinema during the 50-70 decades. They get together out of the Paris bourgeois, with dramatic impact for both of them.

4. Last year in Marienbad: It is another icon of the Nouvelle Vague cinema, this time from the hand of Alain Resnais. It is filmed in real sites, a main attraction in the work. Nymphenburgh Palace (Bavaria) is the main site, as well as other locations like Oranienburg Palace.

5. 400 Blows: Going for a walk in Mercadet Street to revive the adventures of the rebel Antoine, we find numerous locations all along Paris, as the movie is filmed in the streets of the French capital. Truffaut had a low budget at the time, so he had the need of filming in real locations. This film was a success because he was able to combine reality with a cautious sense concerning the characters and the script.