The Cantábrico Sea, a luxury destination for the summer 2014

07 Aug The Cantábrico Sea, a luxury destination for the summer 2014

Cantabria - TravelgenioWe usually think that the Mediterranean coast and the beaches in Huelva are for the summer. Why? The good weather is guaranteed. But the reality is that the North of Spain has good weather in July and August. It is amazing how the weather forecast is wrong with the northern coasts. Temperatures have reached 33º some years, and this is equivalent to 40º in the inside peninsula. It is worth choosing the Cantábrico, with part of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the País Vasco.

Luxury destination in the Cantábrico Sea

1. Lastres (Asturias): It is famous thank to the Dr. Matthew’s series. This village is one of the most beautiful ones from long ago. Houses on the hill and the beach deserve an ovation. The visit to the town includes the lighthouse, the viewpoint of San Roque, the beautiful port and the old town. We recommend having some sidras in the bars in town.

2. San Vicente de la Barquera (Cantabria): This village is a wonderful place where history, the sun and the beach get together. We go for a walk to find the Church Santa María de los Ángeles. The old town is marvelous option, as well as the castle of the king and the Beach of Merón. The old Hospital of the Conception, the Tower of the Preboste and the Sanctuary of The Barquera are some of the other attractions than we will find in this town, with which we will fall in love.

3. San Juan de Gastelugatxe (Euskadi): The footprint of San Juan Bautista is said to be in this town. It is also one of those villages where there are cliffs and capes, beauties of a land that managed to stand the test of time and technology in society.

4. Combarro (Galicia -Rías Baixas): The Beach of Combarro offers a marvelous viewpoint to travelers, the viewpoint of Granxa. There are also hórreos and beaches. The Marina and the boardwalk are places of interest that we will find, as well as The Square of Chousa, The Mariñeiras and the Square of San Roque. The Rúa do Mar is an interesting corner, and also the Square da Fonte and the Horreo in the sea loch.

5. Cudillero (Asturias): We will fall in love with the Cape of Vidio, the Coast of Faro de Video and the Beach of Silence in Cudillero. It is worth visiting the Amphitheater in Cudillero and the Beach of Gueirúa.