Ten places to visit before death

04 Sep Ten places to visit before death

Ruta 66 - TravelgenioThis is a proposal for travelers who love lists with destinations to be accomplished.

Ten places to be visited by everybody. Ten unforgettable experiences for you.

Ten quaint places to visit before death

1. Dinner bar in the Nevada route 66: The route 66 that linked the east and west coasts in the United States transited by many national roads. Nowadays new highways have been built but the old roads are still practicable and you can make scale in one of the classical dinners that appear on American films. Visit one and have a coffee with a piece of lemon cake is a must for travelers.

2. Enjoy the northern lights in Norwegian fjords: You never know when it will occur but when it happens you feel connected with the whole Universe. If you have the opportunity of traveling to the Norwegian fjords, the best seasons to see the northern lights are spring and autumn, and the place with more possibilities to see them is the Lofoten Islands. According to some Scandinavian legends their existence was attributed in the past to reflections from the shields carried by the Valkyries.

3. Travel from San Petersburgo to Vladivostok in the classic Trans-Siberian train: Rossiya trains take us to Vladivostok along a route that goes from San Peterburgo to Irkutsk – or from Moscú to this city – for about 450 euros in second class, and from Irkustk to Vladivostok for 690 euros in second class. Palytra and other travel agencies that offer complete packages of two or three weeks. If you want to go on your own we recommend you to buy the tickets separately and organize correctly legal issues. Book the accommodation in advance.

4. Travel to Río de Janeiro: Enjoying Carnivals in this city is a must for travelers in love of this pagan feast. And it will be interesting for those who want to visit Brazil and the Amazonas, a wonder of Nature.

5. Enjoy the Carnivals in Venice: Venice is a jewel. And it is better if you go in Carnivals, which are celebrated between February and March. This feast was established hundreds of years ago, and it is nowadays one of the most important tourist attractions at international level. The accommodation is expensive if it is not booked in advance. The best masks can be acquired in the city – it is enough with that-. There are travel agencies that are specialized in offering this service.

6. Access to a Buddhist monastery in Tibet: Nowadays it is possible to access to some of the many monasteries in Tibet thank to the guided visits by Sherpas. It is advisable a previous training to achieve this marvelous adventure with base in Lhasa.

7. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia: Diving is a practice that requires a prior training. It is possible to be prepared for guided diving in the Michaelmas Cay Reef or Upolu Cay Reef with just a few sessions of training.

8. Safari in Tanzania: It is always a pleasure for lovers of Nature to see lions and giraffes in their natural habitat. Traveling to Tanzania implies a well-planned travel program to avoid complications. It is advisable to book accommodation in advance, round-trip flights, vaccines, current documentation, a good Spanish guide and knowledge of their culture.

9. Visit The Great Island in The Land of Fire: This Island located at the south of America, near Antarctica, has high seismic levels. The island takes just a part of The Land of Fire, the south part of The Pampa. The glaciers “Perito Moreno” or “The Isla de los Lobos” are just some wonders of Nature that you can enjoy in these lands.

10. Petra: The city of Petra is located in Jordanian. It is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.