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27 Sep Why not a trip to Australia?

Although it's customary in the United States, it's actually an insult to tip a serviceman in other parts of the world. And what makes the issue even more confusing is that the rules about when to tip, who to tip, and how much to tip change all the time. Fortunately, the tipping rules in Australia are pretty simple. If you want to tip, feel free but note that most service charges are already included in...

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03 Jan Australia: a destination you need to discover

You can have an Australian trip planned for nature sights, adventure, and unusual things to do and for beauty of the country. Let's start the tour in Adelaide, one of the main cities. The museums and botanical gardens are beautiful at anytime of the year. The maritime museum is a delight to see as well as the markets hosted everywhere you turn. If you are up for an unusual adventure, plan a day trip to Kangaroo...

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01 Jan Discovering Australia during this months

Australia, The Commonwealth of Australia, is a country located in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia comprises the world's smallest continent as well as a number of islands in the Southern, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Neighboring Countries to Australia include: Indonesia, The Solomon Islands, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and New Zealand. Australia the continent has been inhabited for an estimated 500 years by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. After several random visitations by European...

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