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27 Sep Why not a trip to Australia?

Although it's customary in the United States, it's actually an insult to tip a serviceman in other parts of the world. And what makes the issue even more confusing is that the rules about when to tip, who to tip, and how much to tip change all the time. Fortunately, the tipping rules in Australia are pretty simple. If you want to tip, feel free but note that most service charges are already included in...

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17 Mar A unique trip to Sydney

If you want to discover this Australian city, you must know that you Hill find here many different leisure offer and many nuances to take into account because: you will fall in love with Sydney! The most popular spot in the city is the Opera building, but this is not the only thing that will make you get astonished. Discovering Sydney In this big city is concentrated, together with Perth and Melbourne, the main population in the...

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07 May A journey in the Australian Museum

The oldest museum in Australia, and one of the most highly respected natural history and anthropological institutions in the world, the Australian Museum has exhibits to appeal to the future Nobel Prize candidates in several fields of natural science. Its palaeontology, anthropology, mineralogy, and zoology exhibits are displayed in a suitably Neo-classical stone edifice, on suitably named College Street, where it has stood since it opened to the public in 1857. Changes at the Australian Museum The...

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