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17 Nov Mexico’s nature: Xcaret

Xcaret is located roughly 45 minutes south of Cancun, Mexico. The park is advertised as an ecological and archaeological Disneyland. While there is a definite back to nature feel to the place, it is expensive and crowded with more than a slight overtone of commercialism. Xcaret Pronounced “esh…”, Xcaret is an extremely popular tourist resort, perhaps the biggest one in Mexico. At first glance, the overall impression is extremely impressive. The park contains beaches, snorkeling areas, hiking...

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30 Apr Cruising Hawaii

There are many ways you can get to Hawaii for your holiday vacation and one very common and popular way is to take a cruise to Hawaii. In this way, your holiday vacation starts when the cruise ship leaves the port of your embarkation. The Norwegian Cruise Line or the NCL for short calls very often at Hawaiian various ports. American citizens will need to bring along their passports for this cruise because besides calling on...

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