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09 Oct European secondary airports

Low cost companies have made possible air traffic in secondary airports in Europe, due to the low cost of airline tickets. Airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet and Vueling connect different European countries like France, Germany, United Kingdom and Italy. Low cost tickets are an alternative for flying for people on a tight budget. Although tickets are sold at a low prices, we have to add transport costs from the regional airports to the city. There are five airports in...

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01 Feb Recommendations for checkin in Low Cost Flights

As it is well known, low cost airlines let less weight for luggage and are more strict in its measures. More than that, some issues such as the check in taxes are charged unless they are made online. Measures to flight in any low cost company The maximum allowed are 20x40x55 (width x lenght x heigh). If we talk about weight, there is no a concrete measure as each company has its own policy. Anyway, if you are...

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