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02 Feb A tour through four northern Italian cities

It is really popular among tourists to visit Rome their first time arriving to Italy and, therefore, include afterwards some other places in the Italian Peninsula. That is why there are some Northern cities available in the same tour and that will show you during all year some spectacular views. 1. Milan: this could be the starting point in this tour. Although Venice also counts with many connections with the main world capitals, Milan is one...

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23 Jun Time to enjoy the Tuscany

The region is dominated by the impressive, rounded Appennine Mountains, as well as the distinctively jagged Apuan Alps that rise near the Tyrrheanian Sea and run almost parallel with the coastline, from the Appennines to the countryside around Lucca. Various kinds and qualities of marble are found in the Alps, and at the Parco Naturale delle Apuane you can see the remains of ancient marble quarries. Medieval villages are tucked into hillsides, and over 100 castles...

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04 Nov Where to travel in Italy to enjoy history

Beautifully historic yet so fashionably up to date, Italy has all the components of the Dolce Vita in good measure - good food, good wine and beautiful people impeccably attired in the latest fashions. Rome: the home of renaissance  Rome, the capital city of Italy, is world famous for its history and monuments - the Colosseum, the Vatican City to name a few. With so much art, culture, history and religion, Rome is an unforgettable destination. The international...

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