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16 Dec A route to the main 3 cities in India

It is the beautiful country of Asia and we are going to explain why: it owns a subcontinental character and the bohemian image that all the occidental travellers imagine in this contrast country. If you want to arrive here during this autumn or even winter, we are going to recommend you the main three cities you should visit to understand the real feelings and soul of India. 3 cities in India 1.    New Delhi: it is the...

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04 Dec India, a wild country to go

Once you have decided to travel to India, you can be sure that it will be the most enriching experience in one’s life. One of the most crowded countries of the world, with one of the most disorganized traffic, contamination, but also with a heritage you cannot pass over. A trip through the country Start your India travel with New Delhi, where the new and old co-exist, with rich civilizing humanity heritage to new elaborate ; the...

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