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17 Feb Your first time in Kenya: what you need to know

Kenya is a part of the vast continent of Africa and yet it can provide you with an experience that is out of Africa. A Kenyan Safari is something that everyone visiting Africa should go for. The beaches of Kenya are untouched and unexplored. There is a vast coastline, which is protected by Coral reefs and hence is devoid of any pollution or sharks. You might be the only people on this beach except for...

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06 Dec Sri Lanka, the adventurous paradise

This was the antique land of the veddhas and nowadays has been converted in one of the preferred places for the most adventurous ones. It is a destination that starts to be more popular since there are many new connections from Europe and that is why we want to discover some of the must visit places you should take into account once you decide to arrive here. 4 Treasures in Sri Lanka you can enjoy 1.    Sigiriya...

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11 Dec Turin, the perfect winter travel destination

The Italian city situated in the North-West between France and Switzerland, belonging to the region Piemont, is a perfect travel destination, if you want to escape the wet and cold winter in other European regions. Turin has a wet, warm temperate climate that is highly developed continentally thanks to being situated West of Padan Plain. Turin is a city with a colorful and interesting history and we can discover the remains of the most various...

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