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17 Dec Holidays in the Tuscany region, a dream come true

Holiday villas in Tuscany are becoming increasingly popular for vacations in Italy and around Europe. Villas allow you to enjoy the quiet of the countryside and offer a relaxed alternative to busier cities and tourist areas. You can find rentals and book them online or through a travel agent. Benefits of Holiday Villas in Tuscany There are several benefits to renting a holiday home in Tuscany when you travel. Staying longer in a Tuscany villa allows you...

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25 Sep How to travel to the Easter Island

This mysterious Chilean island is a South American treasure that is the pride of Chileans. There stand The Moai, statues believed to be made by a divine hand that have led to numerous studies for many years. How to travel to the Easter Island There are flights offered by numerous Airlines from different capitals in Europe to Santiago de Chile. The Passport and visa must be acquired in the relevant embassy. The legal issue in Chile implies...

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