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27 Jan The best trips for your flight

It is a known fact that long traveling is usually stressful and tedious. Having a stressful trip should not be a part of your travel planning. When you travel in an economy or coach section in a plane for a longer period, it can be stressful and can cause harm to your health. You definitely tend to feel fatigue and experience all kinds of symptoms like vomiting, headache, body pain, desperation for water and uneasiness....

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04 Jun Best prices to fly to Spain

Spain provides opportunities for visitors and tourists. This mediterranean country has a lot of landmarks, travelers could not just leave without taking a leg to the must see places there are in Spain. Madrid is a paradise for art lovers. Explore the city’s three superb art museums. The Prado has one of the most remarkable art collections in the world. The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia focuses on modern art and is where Picasso’s famous...

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21 Aug Can you be a low cost tourist in Copenhaguen?

This is the typical question as Copenhaguen is one of those “next time cities” but it seems that it is a luxury one. It is thought as a far away city for vacations projects but, is it mith? Is it reallity? Low cost flights to Copenhaguen Vueling has some offers from 99€ to this city from some of the main capitals in Europe. Another option is to take a flight with Ryanair to Billund, but the public...

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