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17 Feb Your first time in Kenya: what you need to know

Kenya is a part of the vast continent of Africa and yet it can provide you with an experience that is out of Africa. A Kenyan Safari is something that everyone visiting Africa should go for. The beaches of Kenya are untouched and unexplored. There is a vast coastline, which is protected by Coral reefs and hence is devoid of any pollution or sharks. You might be the only people on this beach except for...

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13 Jan Africa as never seen, an incredible plan

For many centuries the most of the Africa countries have been colonies of the great European powers – mainly Great Britain and France. Nowadays Africa is free and open for tourists. Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania have become very popular travel destinations. Now, in Africa there are a lot of natural parks where you can enjoy carefully preserved flora and fauna. Several decades ago, only desperate courageous people risked traveling across Africa. In the beginning...

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12 Mar The most charming Cairo

Cairo is the historian’s haven and an architect’s delight! And if you are not a historian or an architect but intrigued by all the different stories, movies and documentaries, that you have come across about Egypt and are interested in living the experience what are you waiting for head off for a vacation to Cairo! Cairo in Arabic is actually AL QAHIRA meaning “The Triumphant”, named by Al Muez one of her Babylonian rulers. The foundations...

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