Sri Lanka, the new trendy destination

05 Jan Sri Lanka, the new trendy destination

Travelling is always an experience and discovering the new trends in terms of destination, the best idea. You should take all the notes of those unique and new popular places like Sri Lanka, were you will be able to find many incredible and unforgettable places.

Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital

Starting from Colombo the adventure, here you will be able to find some of the main monuments in the city such as the WTC Twin Tower or the Gangaramaya Temple or the Independence Square. All those places are spectacular and will let you get in touch with its culture. One of the most stunning landmarks in the city is the Jami Ul Alfar Mosque.

Among the many festivals we can recommend you to assist you, if you are lucky you can enjou the Vesak Fest, when it is celebrated the birth and death of Buda.

If you want to discover more places near Colombo we recommend you to take a look and plan a getaway to the Slave Island, where the Murugan Temple is located and were you will feel the real mysticism of this area of the country.

Natural Treasures in Sri Lanka

Apart from the golden temple of Dambulla, Sigiraya is also a natural marvel that is visited by thousands of travellers that love to climb it. The National Parks, really common in this country are one of the main attractions for the outdoor lovers.

Also you can take a look to the Udawa Keke Sanctuary Wood and to the Forest Reserve of Sinharaja. All those destinatios are unique and unforgettable. Once here, don’t forget to enjoy the Kandy Lake and the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara Temple