Sri Lanka, the adventurous paradise

06 Dec Sri Lanka, the adventurous paradise

sri-lanka-travelgenioThis was the antique land of the veddhas and nowadays has been converted in one of the preferred places for the most adventurous ones. It is a destination that starts to be more popular since there are many new connections from Europe and that is why we want to discover some of the must visit places you should take into account once you decide to arrive here.

4 Treasures in Sri Lanka you can enjoy

1.    Sigiriya Fortress: this marvel was made in rock in the 5th century by the Sinhalese that arrived there about 9 centuries before. It is considered World Heritage by the Unesco. Before the European colonization, there lived many different cultures that left their print in the island. For example, you will also be able to find a Buddhist Temple.

2.    Independence Hall: during many years this country was a European colony. They got the independence in 1947 and the place where the ceremony took place is one of the most famous ones in the island for tourists.

3.    Historical Monuments: some of the main monuments you will able to see in Sri Lanka are unique. We can start by visiting the Parliament, a neoclassic style building. The Supreme Court is one of the Colombo monuments you should visit. But meanwhile, you can also discover some of the main places that are part of the Buddhist history of the country. We are talking about the Teeth Temple, built during the 14th century and that, still today, is the most important one in the country.

4.    Habitats in Sri Lanka: there are many geoparks and natural parks in Sri Lanka and you will be able to visit some of the unique animals that live their life in their own habitat as you have never seen them before. Elephants, monkeys, buffalo, leopards, axis, etc.

Useful information to travel to Sri Lanka

Travels to Sri Lanka are starting to be popular during last years together with the possibility to also enjoy some other islands like Madagascar. Maybe one of the main doubts is about the political situation of Sri Lanka in terms of security. The truth is that, although there are some changes in politics, tourists can arrive there with no problem and helped by the many agencies that offer safaris to the island.