Some plans in Frankfurt you may not know

21 Mar Some plans in Frankfurt you may not know

Frankfurt is one of those German cities that is popular and accessible for all type of budgets because of the incredible economical activity. Moreover it is a typical business destination. During this new year we also have a proposal regarding this capital that has to do with the many cultural and leisure plans you can find in the streets. Let’s take a look.

Frankfurt and 5 places to see during this winter

The great Frankfrut has, at least, 5 unique plans to enjoy this city and this country. Although you have lost the possibility to enjoy the Christmas market by now, you have also some really interesting museums to discover.

1.- Staedel Museum: it is one of the architectural jewels in the city and a must if you travel here. You will be able to visit some of the most interesting German collections. All travellers will agree in the fact that the architectural space worth the visit by itself. You will pay about 14 euros so, if you are a contemporary art lover, don’t forget this date.

2.- Frankfurt Romer: This square is beautiful, and, even more during winter. Although after December you won’t see the Christmas market, you will be able to enjoy by the view of the typical German houses.

3.- Goethe House: if you are a literature lover, you cannot forget a visit to the house of one of the most incredible German writers. It is also considered one of the most incredible and interesting spaces in the city as it is still decorated as it was in when he lived there. Among the many paintings on the walls and the sculptures shown, there are real Baroque and Romantic jewel artworks.

4.- st. Bartholomew Cathedral: it is a must without a doubt. We recommend you the visit to this typical German Cathedral paying about 3 euros for its entry. The outside is unique and beautiful and a classical example of the regional masonry. Travellers are also going to enjoy the lookout.

5.- Palmengarten: it is the most beautiful garden in the city and it worth a visit even if it is winter and does not have as much flowers as in spring. You will find here a greenhouse and a pond with boats to rent. It is opened since February. This park visit cost around 7 euros and it also owns services like a kinder garden and a restaurant.