Slovenia, discovering one of the trendy destinations

16 Jan Slovenia, discovering one of the trendy destinations

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioThe little country of Slovenia is becoming more and more popular thank to the many travellers that are deciding to arrive to its cities. Ljubliana, a little jewel is specially attractive during the winter months although we cannot say that during the rest of the year the stunning places change a lot.

5 natural jewels in Slovenia

1. Postoina Cave: this is one of the most popular nature attractions in the city with more than 20 kilometres galleries and tunnels that are going to leave travellers speechless. To visit it you will just need to pay 24 euros and enjoy the combined visits with a tour through the Predjama Castle.

2. Triglav National Park: the alpinism lovers are welcomed to one of the most stunning mountain areas in the country. It is the highest one in Slovenia with its 2864 metres and you can have unique landscapes from here to the Planica Valley, a place with nothing to envy to the Alps. The park structure and the many surrounding villages prepaired to assist tourism are a great plan.

3. Bohinj Lake: although it is part of the Natural Park above mentioned, we cannot treat it as just another landmark in it. The Bohinj is a unique place in the world that own a huge variety of flora and fauna. It is the perfect place to fish, practise kayak or having a bath. The truth is that is also called the Slovenian beach.

4. Isonzo: this river shares its shores with more than 140 kilometres in Slovenia although it meets the sea in Italy. Born in the Julian Alps, it is another natural wonder of the country and can be also part of a tour that includes the Soca Valley, a scenery of the Great War operations.

5. Socjan Grotto: The surroundings of this place are spectacular. You can visit it during about 2 hours if you want to feel all its immensity.