How to travel to the Easter Island

25 Sep How to travel to the Easter Island

TravelThis mysterious Chilean island is a South American treasure that is the pride of Chileans. There stand The Moai, statues believed to be made by a divine hand that have led to numerous studies for many years.

How to travel to the Easter Island

There are flights offered by numerous Airlines from different capitals in Europe to Santiago de Chile. The Passport and visa must be acquired in the relevant embassy. The legal issue in Chile implies that the Spaniards have to submit upon arrival the payment of the hotel during the stay as well as closed flights. Once in Chile, the following step will be traveling to Hanga Roa. The duration of the trip is five hours and 25 minutes. Once in the city of Mataveri, the traveler Access to the town of 5000 inhabitants of Hanga Roa, capital of this island, with an area of 170 square km. approximately.


There are 15 hotels in Hanga Roa, and many shops and restaurants. It is a touristic and busy location. No wonder that travelers are surprised of the amount of services compared to the dimension of the town. If the purpose is to know the place and its culture and the budget is low cost there are alternatives like traveling with couchsurfing in a rural house or the booking in advance in the off season.

What to see

The answer is obvious, the Moai. These big sculptures are dated thousands of years and are the main attraction in the island, but not the only one. The Anakena Beach is a nice surprise. It is worth visiting the Rano Raraku, the volcanic cone where the material for the construction of the Moai was extracted. The ceremonial center of Orongo makes the traveler instinctively follow towards the volcanic cone, and Rano Kau, the volcano in the Easter Island. Ahu Vaiu is the southern area of the island for tourists who want to go beyond.

Gastronomy in the Easter Island

Fishes, fruits and vegetables are the protagonists in the restaurants in town. The tunu hai is a fish cooked over boiling stones. The ceviche is a kind of cocktail of shrimps served with white rice. Among the desserts is noteworthy The Po´e, a typical cake made of flour, pumpkin and bananas.