Great trips: the complete guide for travelling to Island

04 Feb Great trips: the complete guide for travelling to Island

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioWith less more than 300.000 inhabitants, this island is located really near Greenland and it is one of the must stops for travellers looking for more than big cities and monuments.

If you are an eco lover, this country is the best option to enjoy the best this destination. Reykjavik, its capital, has many things to offer.

What to see in Island?

1. Arriving to Seljalandsfoos: If you would like to see one of the most incredible spaces of Island, you have to travel to this place. It worths a visit to the falls and the sunset spectacle is unique. This will make you fall in love with this country.

2. The Aurora Borealis: Specially visible during September and October, this colour show is something beautiful. If you get inside the different landscapes of Island you will probably find this natural spectacle.

3. The Glacial Lake: if you want to see and understand much more about icebergs, you have to get to this lake, where there are many of these type of ice blocks floating on it.

4. Limit dive: ok, we know you are an adventurous person and you want to try the Silfra rift where you can practise snorkel. If you want to enjoy also the best services, please take a look to everything that is offered here.

5. Fljosdalur: this is one of the main Irish houses that we are going to know in Island, but not the only one.

6. Dettifoss fall: an incredible fall that is falling through a canyon. You have to take a look to believe it.

What to do in Reykjavik

If you are going to visit the Island capital, you have to start with the Free Reykjavik church. Of course you must also have a walk to the Askja Museum and the nearby Ellidaar. Maybe one of the most interesting buildings you can visit is the Cathedral.

If you love sculpture, you cannot miss the Sun Traveler, a magical one that is represented by a boat that inspire dreams. It is an ode to the Sun. Near this, you can also enjoy with the Golden Circle, one of the most popular touristy routes in this country.