Gastronomy and traditions in Bangkok

10 Oct Gastronomy and traditions in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the preferred destination for internacional travellers but, what does it own that seems to attract all type of visitors? Of course, we can just start talking about its gastronomy, its traditions and also the culture, beaches and monuments. And we are just talking about some things, not all the attractions it hides.

Gastronomy in Bangkok in a few brushstrokes

This is one of the most rich and varied gastronomy in the Southern Asia and you need to try all the most popular savours here. Lets start from the very first beginning: the ayurveda movement has a lot to do in terms of food in Bangkok.

It has to do with also the Buddhist teachings that talk about savours as a complex balance of sweet, salty, bitter and sour. The chilly and astringent complete this entire tandem and are the ones that have to be included at the end and with moderation.

This is how we will be able to find the Thai noodles, the most famous one called Pad Thai. A different variety are the Pat Sll-Yew and also the noodle soup. If you travel to Thailand and we want to really taste all the gastronomy, we have to also include the relevance of the fruit in its receips. The Lychees and the mangosteen are really unique.

You need to try the Gai Pad Metmamuang, a receipt that includes chicken breast, onion, pepper, and cashew and oyster sauce.

What about the Thai people?

The first characteristic we need to mention is their hospitality. Mostly all of them are Buddhist so this is a must for them. They are not used to shout or being aggressive so you need to calm down in any situation of interaction with them. Don’t touch them, never. No hugs or touches in the shoulder.

It is also rare to see a Thai kissing someone. The most forbidden conversation subject is the religion so be really respectful with it.