Can you be a low cost tourist in Copenhaguen?

21 Aug Can you be a low cost tourist in Copenhaguen?

Copenhague - TravelgenioThis is the typical question as Copenhaguen is one of those “next time cities” but it seems that it is a luxury one. It is thought as a far away city for vacations projects but, is it mith? Is it reallity?

Low cost flights to Copenhaguen

Vueling has some offers from 99€ to this city from some of the main capitals in Europe. Another option is to take a flight with Ryanair to Billund, but the public transport in Denmark is not cheap, so maybe the best option is to take a flight directly to the capital.

Cheap accomodation in Copenhaguen

The cheapest one you will find is around 15€ and it seems to be the best option: sharing rooms in a relaxing place like the Guesthouse La Villa. The Copenhaguen Hotel is located in the Bridge Isles and it is also a low cost accomodation.

Tips for a low cost trip to Copenhaguen

There are some things you must follow if you want to travel in a low cost way.
Firstly, find the best prices for your flights. You may take a look to the Vueling offers. If this is not possible, don’t worry, you may save in hostels and apartments where you can cook in any guesthouse.

5 things you can do for free in the Denmark capital

1- Brigge Isles: if you go to Copenhaguen in spring or summer you can enjoy swimming in this place. It is possible also to enjoy in its green spaces. The Havneparken is located here.

2-Bike: this city is considerated one of the European green cities. Copenhaguen is a perfect place to ride a bike while you have a walk through its channels. It is also a very romantic alternative.

3- Ideal Bar: this bar has free entrance from Wednesday to Saturday.

4- Nyhavn Channel: it is the image we have from Copenhaguen, together with the Mermaid. In this case, we are talking about the coloured houses.

5- The little Mermaid: it is one of the symbols of the city and everyone gets in love with her. The Mermaid legend is in the Andersen tales.