Brooklyn for bohemian lovers

08 Dec Brooklyn for bohemian lovers

Brooklyn is a city inside the city and one of the main and most popular districts in NY. Together with Manhattan or Bronx, it is really inspiriting for literature, cinema and many other arts. You will be able to arrive here and enjoy life as it works in this suburb. Just join them.

5 places you need to visit in Brooklyn

Of course, we recommend you to visit many other places in this area of New York but, as we understand you want a ranking, let’s start with the 5 musts.

1.    Brooklyn Bridge: close your eyes and think about the many times you have seen this bridge in a screen…almost uncountable. This bridge was build during a decade and was inaugurated in 1883 in order to connect Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is a suspension bridge considered one of the engineering emblem of the 19th century. Moreover, we can just mention some of the masterpieces where you will be able to see it: Gangs of NY, Friends, How I met your mother…

2.    Prospect Park: for many people this green area can be considered the Central Park of Brooklyn and, although it is not really recommended when night arrives, you will be able to enjoy its best face during a daily walk. There are many architectural references near it that you will fall in love with.

3.    Coney Island: of course, another film and soap opera reference…you will be able to have a walk looking to the sea while you take also a look to its amusement park or the aquarium. Although it was an island, nowadays it can be considered a peninsula. The beach is also one of the main attractions and one of the recommended visits and plans.

4.    Williamsburg: although it is an expensive plan for having lunch or even a coffee, we recommend you, at least, to have a walk in the hipster area of Brooklyn. This is the place where almost all the orthodox Jews life. Also, please have respect and don’t be rude with the photos or tourism as it is a residential area.

5.     Brooklyn Heights: it is another residential area and it is one of the most incredible and picturesque place to see Manhattan from. Here, you can take your cameras off and start shooting all its curiosities.