A unique trip to Sydney

17 Mar A unique trip to Sydney

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioIf you want to discover this Australian city, you must know that you Hill find here many different leisure offer and many nuances to take into account because: you will fall in love with Sydney! The most popular spot in the city is the Opera building, but this is not the only thing that will make you get astonished.

Discovering Sydney

In this big city is concentrated, together with Perth and Melbourne, the main population in the country. Sydney owns by itself more than 4.5 million inhabitants. If you want to start a tour in the city, it is almost a must to start in the Opera. Dated in 1973, it was built like a boat, with its hoisted sails. Inside the building there are a concert hall and three opera spaces. The Port Bridge is other of the main interesting architectural places in the city. This was built in 1932.

The Rocks is the ancient suburb of Sydney, what we can call the historical city center. Although this city is not archaeological, you can enjoy visiting some museums, like the Contemporary Art one.
Don’t forget to have a walk through Chinatown, one of the world most popular ones that dated from the 18th century.

It is one of the most antique places of the city. But this is not the only Chinese suburb in the city, as Hurstville, Strathfield or Chatswood are some others.

Paddington is another Sydney area very popular for travellers. In Oxford Street you will find the fashion stores and also the art galleries.

The Darling Harbour is also a must but, don’t forget to get lost in Newtown, the most alternative space of the city.
Beaches in Sydney

Meanwhile, Sydney is not just known because of the cultural offer, but also because of the many beautiful and popular beaches.

They are famous because of its parks, promenades, the possibility to practise surf, the BBQ, shops, restaurants…etc. You will find all type of beaches, the most crowded ones and some of them almost alone.