5 unique accommodations in the north of Portugal

03 Sep 5 unique accommodations in the north of Portugal

Hoteles Temáticos - TravelgenioThis land is one of the most beautiful Portuguese areas. With this five lodgings you will be able to plan a trip through the main cities. We have selected Porto, Valença or Viana do Castelo as the better places to stay, but there are a lot more to discover.

5 perfect hotels to travel to the northern Portugal

1. Quality Inn Porto Hotel: this hotel is a cheap three stars stablishment that is perfect for those who want to arrive to Porto. This way, you can enjoy its unique services that will help you in spending some perfect days in the northern capital. You will be able to choose many services that are offered in the hotel. It is located in a perfect place to visit the city and its surroundings.

2. Hotel Lamego: a four stars hotel located in Lamego is perfect for those travelers that are looking for the best services when they choose an acommodation. It is located just 800 meters far from the city center and we can discover all the beauty of this location just by having a walk.

3. Casa Agrícola da Levada: arriving to Vila Real this could be the perfect place to rest. It counts with stone houses and also an outdoor pool. You can enjoy the historical city center of the village that will make you get in love with the typical architecture of this Portuguese area.

4. Descobertas Boutique Hotel Porto: this accommodation place worths your vacation time. You will find some of the best services of this city inside its walls. If you want to enjoy everything, this is your perfect selection. Travelers could enjoy the best guarantees and get to the main spots of this northern jewel.

5. The Vintage House – Douro: this luxury five stars hotel is a perfect place to rest. If you are looking for a perfect place to spend your holidays, this will contribute.