5 Spanish cities for 5 different travelers

14 Aug 5 Spanish cities for 5 different travelers

Barcelona - Travel2beThere are test to distinguish among personality types or professional careers. We want now to track five types of travel, each of which is suitable for a particular traveler. Which is yours?

Spanish cities

1. Barcelona for the cosmopolitan people: This city is perfect for those people who want everything. Barcelona is located in an area between the mountains and the sea. There is no problem to visit regions like Lleida and Girona because the high speed trains take you there in just 30 minutes or 1 hour. There are many cultural attractions due to the monumental tradition and it is the city of modernism thank to Gaudí. There are zones like the gothic neighborhood and The Ramblas. There are also amusement parks and a shopping atmosphere. Its bay allows outdoor activities and it is superb a romantic dinner in a cruise ship.

2. The charm of the coast of Almería for free spirits: The Cabo de Gata, with the beautiful village of Mojácar as its main attraction. It is the perfect environment for the people who are fond of apartments and the camping. It is a natural and warm environment with the beach and guaranteed sunshine. There are many circuits of relax with yoga and relaxation outdoor activities. It can be a zen experience.

3. Toledo and Salamanca: These two cities are a treasure for the lovers of the history. Both cities are clean, with a beautiful old town. Gastronomy is of high quality and the night life is guaranteed. Both Toledo and Salamanca are touristic cities, although tourism in Toledo is mainly national, whereas Salamanca has an international tourism, especially during the summer.

4. Marbella: It is a luxurious city, although it lets people not “VIP” in. It is a city for a middle-high income level tourism. There are services for the fashion victims, trending managers… Luxury is part of travelers’ every day in services designed for them.

5. The underground is in Gijón: Its Film Festival, the coffee shops and bars represent a model city that combines the industry and culture.